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Before accepting this agreement, we advise that you read these terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully. All players of Non-Stop Bonus are bound by these terms and conditions. Continued use signifies your consent to such terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy. Take note that you are answerable to all applicable laws and regulations in your country. These terms and conditions shall be in full force and effect.

Minimum age for visiting this website is 18-years.

Governing Law

All claims that are related to the website of Non-Stop Bonus shall be under the existing laws of Romania.

Use of License

All the content and materials found on the NonStopBonus website are protected by copyright and all applicable trademark laws.

Non-Stop Bonus grant you a personal, nonexclusive, non-transferable right to use our website and software, and to download a single copy of content for temporary use. This right, however, comes with the following conditions:

  • The purpose of the right or license to download is for personal use only. It may not be sub-licensed, rented out, assigned, leased, loaned, nor are you allowed to distribute copies.
  • You are prohibited to translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, tamper, adapt, create derivative works on, copy, imitate, make changes in the materials, echo, or represent any software or proprietary or copyright notations obtained from our website.
  • You are prohibited to use materials obtained from the Non-Stop Bonus website for commercial purposes or public showing, be it for commercial intent or otherwise, or have it transferred to another person.
  • Attempt to hack, access, enter, interfere or bypass our security system to make changes to the features or software of our website, which we solely own, is also prohibited.
  • Once these terms and conditions are violated, the license/right is automatically terminated without any further notice. Whatever material you have obtained from Non-Stop Bonus, be it in printed or electronic form, must be destroyed.


Non-Stop Bonus do not have or claim to have any warranties. We disclaim whatever conditions or warranties there are be it explicitly or implicitly expressed. The materials found on the Non-Stop Bonus site are given as it is.

Any websites linked to Non-Stop Bonus are third party sites and have their own terms and conditions of use. We therefore do not guarantee accuracy or reliability of the content of materials found on such websites. Linking to these sites also does not mean endorsement by .

Despite strict guidelines, our website might contain errors which could be technical, typographical, or photogenic in nature. We are also not making any commitments to make the materials herein complete or current.


Non-Stop Bonus shall not be made liable, under any circumstances, for the consequences, loss of profit or data, or damage caused by the misuse or inability to use content obtained from our website.

Revisions and Modifications

Non-Stop Bonus has the absolute right to revise the content on its website and the Terms and Conditions indicated herein, at any time, without prior notice or consultation.

Privacy Policy

Non-Stop Bonus is dedicated in protecting your privacy. Thus, we have set policies to protect your data/information:

We collect information from players, but we do it through lawful and fair means. We will also let you know the reason why we are collecting such information from you.

The information you will provide to us will only be used according to the reason why we are collecting it in the first place.

We value the trust you are giving us so we will do what is reasonably necessary to safeguard your information and protect it from unauthorized access, theft, loss, disclosure, modifications or copying.

These Terms and Conditions and privacy policies are all on our website and are easily obtainable by our customers.